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AVID launch Pro Tools Sketch with ‘clip launching’ functionality

The legendary DAW company say it’s in response to “modern music creator” needs

Pro Tools Sketch

AVID has launched a new version of Pro Tools called Sketch, designed to quickly capture new ideas in an Ableton Live-style clip-based format. AVID say Sketch is “years in the making” and users can create up to 16 tracks with almost unlimited clips to experiment with ideas and songwriting in a non-linear fashion. 

Sketch’s browser lets users audition sounds, loops and MIDI before dragging them into the clip view, with 1GB of free sounds included with the app. There are also instruments and FX plugins included and it’s also possible to record your own audio and MIDI into the project. Once you’re happy with your idea, you can record and edit the track, and commit it to a more traditional linear view that Pro Tool users will be familiar with. 

There’s also a free iPad app that accompanies Sketch, and projects can be moved between desktop and iPad to keep creating on the go. And, of course, projects can also be transferred back to the full Pro Tools application.

AVID’s Senior Vice President and general manager of audio and music solutions, David Toomey, said of Sketch: “Every music creator wants to capture inspiration when it arises and act on it precisely at that magical moment — and it should be simple and easy. We made Sketch to go far with ideation, letting any user start experimenting with their notions right away and then simply hop into Pro Tools when they’re ready to take them further forward.”

AVID was acquired by an affiliate of STG for $1.4B in August this year.