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Roland announces new hardware synth GAIA 2

The new keyboard features a mix of virtual analogue and wavetable oscillators

Roland GAIA 2

Roland has announced a new hardware synth called the GAIA 2, which is available to buy now.

Featuring plenty of tactile control, the synth uses a blend of wavetable and virtual analogue oscillators to create a mix of the classic analogue tones Roland is known for, as well as more modern, digital sounds. It also features 37 full-size keys, and a one-control-per-function layout making it perfect for education and hands-on sound design. Roland says you won’t have to resort to “creativity-killing menu diving”. You can also hit the randomise button to get started with new ideas. 

Sounds from legendary Roland kit like the Jupiter-8, Juno-106 and SH-101 are included as pre-installed expansion packs, with more packs available via Roland Cloud. Speaking of Cloud, it’s also possible to connect to Roland Cloud Connect via a mobile device for browsing and downloading extra content. 

A touch-sensitive X/Y pad called Motional Pad allows any parameter to be assigned to the X and Y axis, for instant morphing of sounds and textures. You can also record these movements as part of a sequence. There are over 50 effects included too, like the classic Roland Chorus and a dedicated reverb and delay section, which Roland says is “studio quality”. 

Round back, you’ll find a USB-C port, as well as an A-port for connecting USB flash drives for storage and backup, or for connecting a further MIDI device for extra parameter control. 

The Roland GAIA 2 is available now for $899.99. Find out more on their website here.

Earlier this year, Roland celebrated 50 years of operation. Read an interview with two of their collaborators here.